These IRs are part of an artistic and personal work about places, sounds and memory. They are acoustic memories of places we love and that inspire us, and like photographic pictures they are subject to licensing.
The "Théâtre Acoustique Room Impulse Response Library" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
It means you can freely use it to create you artistic projects, research and experimentation, and just have to indicate the usage of the library in your publications.
For any commercial use and licensing, you need to contact BabelScores
Download stereo IRs!
The IRs provided here are in a ready to use stereo wav version, 48kHz/24bits.
Just load the IR in your favorite convolution device or plugin!

You can instantly preview online some of this acoustics and places' sound ambiances by visiting our Online Convolver
High Order Ambisonics version coming soon under same terms of licensing ✌️
Augustin Muller & Pedro Garcia-Velasquez
Experimental "binaural" IRs made with a KU80 and DPA microphones can be downloaded here: Download binaural IRs